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by Charles

ABOUT His and Her FI BLOG- Couple Money Redefined

We speak to couples who walk in the opposite direction of traditional to navigate financial independence.  We envision our stories and posts as a resource for those looking to live life a little bit differently through minimalism, travel on the cheap, financial know-how, money hacks and personal growth – join the tribe!


So who the heck are we?

We are a couple of millennials who fell in love and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest. Our family is composed of our fur babies (one furless Sphynx, one Bengal, and two furry Borzoi) and much of our day to day operations revolve around them, our blog/podcast, planning the next trip and getting outside as much as possible.

We are DINKS. HisFI is an Engineer and HerFI is a Teacher/Freelancer. Our names IRL are Charles and Bethany.  Charles has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bethany holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography and a Masters in Teaching with a concentration in English and Art.  As educated (and privileged) as we are, you would think we would have had this whole money thing down.

Not the case. We are learning and growing everyday and come to you with opinions, lessons, the good money moves and down right total F-ups.  We are designing the life we want to live now, and bringing you, our readers, along for the ride.

How did we get here? On the same page – literally.

Discovering FI was a roller coaster for us both. His FI jumped on the FI wagon long before I did and was met with full denial and avoidance from HerFI (myself). The approaches at first were in the form of deprivation and this was a game I was not going to play and HisFI soon found this was not sustainable for him either.

We have the story in each of our perspectives. You can read them here: Discovering FI for Him and Discovering FI for Her. Listen to us chat here: Podcast 01 – Our 3 Roadblocks to Pursuing Financial Independence.

The nuts and bolts of where we were: 

~We were spending too much on travel and life

~We never talked about money

~ We were not saving or planning for retirement

~We had consumerist mindsets


Can you relate? We decided to get it together and change our habits and most importantly, our mindset. 

~ We set budgets and track spending

~We figured out how to Travel Hack and do the things we love for less

~We communicate about EVERYTHING- especially money

~We research and plan for retirement

~We are (still) changing our mindsets


Why we keep this up. What’s in it for us?

Connection. Growth. Being humbled. Being better humans. I know it sounds like a whole lot of philanthropy and selflessness. We are not perfect and we share this too, but right now that is really what is in it for us.

I will not lie and say that we wouldn’t be elated if this blog and podcast (we do that too) brought us an income. However, we are not blogging for money- only to share and build something together.

Since Discovering FI in 2017 we have:

  • We put away $75,000 towards our retirement
  • We were paid to buy our first home
  • Renovated our home to gain $40,000 in equity
  • Traveled to Ireland, Peru and other various gorgeous places in the States
  • We built up an emergency fund 
  • Her FI started freelancing 
  • We each worked to get a raise or promotion in order to increase our income
  • Made countless reflections for life improvements

It is all so connected…

So we write about more than the numbers. Especially myself. I believe that stories speak louder than spreadsheets and you will find ours along with our progressive opinions sprinkling the posts.

We also found that money was not everything, but IS connected to EVERYTHING. This is why we talk about relationships, mindsets, personal changes AND the top 10 tips to travel for cheap. Because it really is all connected- let’s not try to oversimplify the complex human being and our complex lives. (but simplifying your life is okay):)

You will also find that we love…

Cooking, family, friends, travel, hiking, camping, nature, meeting good people, good conversation, Feminism, gardening, research, technology, DIY, reading, food, walking our dogs and petting our cats. It is about the little things and big ideas.


Our Tribe

If any of this resonated with you and you are ready join us – whether on your own or with a partner (a cat counts too) then get started here and change your lifestyle, money habits and heart.

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HisFI (Charles) & HerFI (Bethany)


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