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If you’re wondering what FI or FIRE is,  begin with the terms in the Starter Kit below!

My writing is a direct reflection of what my partner and I are thinking about and doing with our funds at that time. Occasionally I suggest purchases, but I only list them if we have found them helpful in our own lives. I would also be grateful if you used any of the links, as it is NO extra cost you and gives us a kickback.

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Starter Kit


What does FI mean?

FI stands for Financial Independence which typically means having enough income to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to work full time. Some people achieve this through saving and investing over many years, while others build successful businesses that can generate passive income. This can also mean, being debt free and financially free from owing something to others.

What is FIRE?

FIRE describes achieving Financial independence in order to Retire Early.  The goal here is you develop a means to receive passive income that supports the cost of your lifestyle. This can be retirement income, real-estate, online business…you name it! The 9-5 and typical work till you are 60 are not the norm in this community.

FI vs. FIRE??

The two go hand-in-hand, financial independence gives you the choice, rather, gives you time to do whatever you want. That can include working your 9-to-5 job if it’s something you love and are passionate about.

The Big Picture

What are the main ideas behind all of this?

While everyone’s FI and FIRE recipes vary a bit, the general premise is to control your money in order to create a financially savvy and stable life. This requires both saving and investing.  For some, this is massive debt payoff, for others it is learning to open up their very first Roth IRA. For you, it might be creating a budget for the very first time. Personal finance does not have to be a mystery and people in the FIRE community are sharing. They write about how to take back you paychecks, be conscious consumers and throw out the dusty manual on how society says money can work for you.

Covering the Basics

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What does your state of mind have to do with money?

Absolutely Everything

Mental Independence means that we re-think and re-consider both what out past has taught us about money and what society teaches us about money. This requires reflection and introspection, but most importantly letting go so that you can change those habits. Here are a few of our posts that talk about this:

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The Cost of Physical and Mental Inactivity

Bad SEO, Good Storytelling

These are a few favorite pieces that tell a story. While we have evolved from some, they serve as important milestones in our thinking.

Student Loan Debt Pay-Off Posts


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